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Felini The Kitty – Playful & Witty

Felini the Kitty Cat peeking over headline

Felini’s ♡ Story

Once upon a time, there was a mighty black cat… and an equally powerful white cat, later to be known as basement cat and ceiling cat*. Both had laid their eyes on the same precious treasure. Thus their clashing was predestined.

*It’s actually long cat, but ceiling vs basement cat just sounds better going for contrast. And the fur colors have that yin yang going 😉

Each on the quest for the same glistening prize, both cats collided with incredible force when trying to seize the reward – a tuna can (or was it human souls?).

After a looong epic battle, ceiling cat and basement cat decided to transcend their never ending struggles… and got married.

As fate would have it – the two went straight from battling to the pleasures & pains of raising a child.

Cute Felini the Cat as baby kitten with pacifier
Little Felini Kitten

Felini Turbofluff Junior

And they lived happily ever after. Or did they?

Felini the kitty grew up to become a cat!
A Space Cat, …

Felini Cat in Space Suit - Close Up With Kitty Face And Helmet

…Ninja Cat…

Cat with red headband performing ninja pose on rooftop in moonlight

…an Egyptian Cat God and a Round Cake!

Felini is marble cake

… and so much more. What will the future hold for Felini Turbofluff? Will he be able to change the world for the better? Will Felini’s mission succeed to help the big cats thrive?

Do you want to be part of Felini’s story?

 Even super cats need a little help sometimes.

Did you know?

 Felini the Kitty is on a heroic mission to help save the big cats – and even super cats need a little help sometimes.

Felini the Kitty in jungle with Tiger Fur looking back at us
Felini the Wild Jungle Tiger

How Can I Help?

Enjoy watching and share if you like. Get Free Felini stuff and spread the word or have a browse at our little kitty shop. 😺 Have fun and let me know what you think! What do you want to do next?

Felini Cat Head Kissing With 2 Hearts

Til & Felini
=^..^= ~