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Nifty Felini Turbofluff

Felini’s Favorite Kitty Cat Sticker NFTs

Bored of bored apes, angry and ugly doodles? Say hi to Felini the Kitty’s admirable cat NFTs! Finally Felini’s Favorte Kitty Cat Stickers are finally available as NFTs. Here’s the shortcuts:

Enjoy! 😽💕

Admirable Kitty Cat NFTs Have Arrived

The animated NFT collection is based on Felini’s popular stickers on Giphy – the most famous one having accumulated over 325 million views as of June 2022.

Aren’t they adorable?

I hope you like them as much as I do! The fresh, remarkable collection will start to drop 1st of July 2022. Fifteen premium kitty cat stickers will be made available in the course of July in this collection: https://opensea.io/collection/felinis-favorite-kitty-cat-sticker-gifs

How many are available of each Kitty Cat Sticker NFT?

Before you consider a purchase, you might want to think about good reasons why:

Cat Art, Trading Cards or Investment

Let’s look into the WHY you might want to secure some Felini NFTs for yourself. A word or caution first – it’s certainly not a good idea to invest your pension money in an NFT: Felini’s NFTs are supposed to be fun way to connect with our beloved kitten (please use one of the very affordable options if you are low on funds)!

1. Cat Art

Do you love art and kitties, too? Collecting art in the real world is just like in the digital world… as of now! It did not use to be like that, but now with NFTs around there is something like a unique digital artwork.

2. Collecting Trading Cards

If you just want to collect some Felini ‘trading cards’ as you enjoy owning and trading NFTs of a cute kitty with a big heart, that’s a great reason to dive into the NFT world too. Remember trading baseball cards with your friends as kids?

3. Future Investment

If you ask me as the creator of Felini, of course I am confident Felini is going to become the next big internet kitty! Don`t take my word for it though. Having a look at the numbers of Felinis most popular gifs might stir some home in you too 😉

In the best case scenario, Felini gets his own TV show someday with tons of plush Felini kitties being sold. Then those few available Felini NFTs would be a super clever investment. However, the Felini loving community can also stay small or stagnate (in case I die for example and won’t be able to push his fame). So if you have only a small savings account, don`t bet on Felini yet, even if you like him a lot.

4. Support Felini’s Mission

Besides all above mentioned reasons, getting an NFT is a great way to support Felini and his mission 😽💕

Felini the Kitty in jungle with Tiger Fur looking back at us

The mission to help save the big cats is one of the most noteworthy facts about this NFT project. In sharing the proceeds of the NFT collection with charities supporting the big cats, Felini the Kitty wants to help save his wild cousins from going extinct.
Also to protect natural habitats acting climate-conscious, this collection will be minted on the more eco-friendly blockchain ‘Polygon’, also reducing gas prices on purchase. For future collections our beloved digital kitty considers even more carbon neutral blockchains like Solana.

5. Gift To Your Child

Last but not least – with his cute and kid’s friendly demeanor, an NFT from Felini’s collection could also make for a great gift for your children.

How to Buy an awesome Kitty NFT?

It’s pretty straight forward. You can just go to the collection at https://opensea.io/collection/felinis-favorite-kitty-cat-sticker-gifs, choose the one you like, click buy and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you prefer to be prepared before lauching into the buying part, make sure you get a (MetaMask) wallet and have a look here for how to purchase an item on OpenSea via Polygon.

What about the Environment?

Isn’t Felini supposed to care about the environment, a world where we and the big cats thrive? I have heard some blockchains and thus NFTs are a huge waste of energy!
Yes and no. At the moment it is indeed the case that the most used blockchain called Etherium is very inefficient in storing the NFT information – slow and very wasteful re energy consumtion: So called ‘miners’, well mostly their graphics cards have to solve complicated equasions in order to make the system work. Unfortunately the same riddle is handed out to a huge number of miners and only one of them ‘wins’ the reward, rendering all the other efforts (and energy spent) useless 😾 There are updates planned to this popular blockchain, but Felini won’t wait for that:
Felini’s NFTs are only going to be stored on (minted) more eco friendly and efficient blockchains like (Polygon or) Solana. 😇🌞😺 These have different underlying mechanisms (proof-of-stake vs proof-of-work) that enable them to be way faster, cost less and even become carbon neutral. 😽🌎

Eh, What is an NFT again?

Felini the Kitty NFTs? What does NFT stand for anyways? Nifty Felini Turbofluff?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data (e.g. an image or video). Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFT ledgers can provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership […] Read more on Wikipedia about Non Fungible Tokens.

That’s the technical jibberish – basically it’s a fun way to secure your very own Felini image, collect mutiple images and even trade them if you wanted.

Why make a Felini NFT Collection?

Felini the Kitty cat NFTs? What does NFT stand for anyways? Nifty Felini Turbofluff? YEEES! …but also Non Fungible Tokens (read more on wikipedia).
Felini is truly one of a kind. His face was missing from the NFT space – you won’t find any other kitty cat that has Felini’s zest and realistic kittyness! And now that the environmental concerns have been addressed, let’s just have some fun and make some Felini online art! 😺

So what is a Felini kitty cat NFT then? Basically it’s a fun way to secure your very own Felini image (this is what NFT means, that the ownership of a particular image can be verified), collect mutiple images and even trade them… Well, if there was something like Felini NFTs. There is not. Not YET! But the view stats of this Felini sticker got me thinking:

260 Million Views on this Felini Sticker

So 260 million views on the Felini Sticker with the present box, huh? Sounds pretty crazy to me. Why not base a little NFT series on this cute kitty cat sticker? Let’s give it a try! Who’s with me?

Most Succsessful Felini Birthday Kitty Sticker into NFT

Let’s watch this popular Felini sticker once more to get in the right mood:


UPDATE: So the numbers just keep growing 🤯😸 Check out the latest numbers as of May 2022:

By the way – feel free to use all of Felini`s kitty stickers and gifs on giphy if you feel inspired to do so 😻

Fair enough. Well then, what do we need to turn this funny sticker into a whole awesome line of NFT images? A few nice variants with different cat eyes, cat ears, meowy mouths, uniue items kitty cats love as well as spacious backgrounds… Let’s do it!

Making of Funny Kitty Cat Faces

Check out the behind the scenes images and footage on the making of Felini NFTs post. You will see more images like this one as well as exclusive footage!


2nd collection of Felini Kitty Cat NFTs

Stay tuned for more on the release of Felini’s Kitty Cat NFTs. 😽💕

In the meantime you can always use the free Felini Kitty Cat Stickers in your mobile messenger!

Did you know?

 Felini the Kitty is on a heroic mission to help save the big cats – and even super cats need a little help sometimes.

Felini the Kitty in jungle with Tiger Fur looking back at us
Felini the Wild Jungle Tiger

How Can I Help?

Enjoy watching and share if you like. Get Free Felini stuff and spread the word or have a browse at our little kitty shop. 😺 Have fun and let me know what you think! What do you want to do next?

Felini Cat Head Kissing With 2 Hearts

Til & Felini
=^..^= ~

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