Cat In The Hat: X-mas


Felini the Cat wishing Happy Christmastree Wrecking to all cats!

Enjoy playing with the Christmas Tree and your shiny toys hanging everywhere ?? Disclaimer: Mommy might get a little angry when you actually knock the tree over and destroy the shiny things on it. So always remember to blame it on the dog ?

Felini the Cat in the hat - Xmas Santa Claws hat wishing Happy Christmastree wrecking to all cats

Felini the Cat in Santa Claws Hat

Felini loves hanging out in his red Santa hat. Feeling Xmassy, giving nonsensical advice to all cats and kittens reading this ?

Just a few making-of thoughts: The artboard tool has been around for quite a while in Photoshop. Usually it takes a while till I notice. Anyhow it’s so great compared to having to store different images where updating a little something used to be quite cumbersome. Thanks Adobe!

Meowy Catmas!

Meowy Catmas and Happy Holidays to all cats, kittens, cat-mums and daddies out there ??

Thank You

Thanks for watching & reading, giggling and playing with me-ow! Felini the cat also posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Just by watching and sharing Felini’s clips and pictures, you support Panthera and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at


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