Cat Sunset Jump


Felini’s Loves The Beach…

… if the water doesn’t get too close 😉 Felini says good bye sun. See you tomorrow! Bye bye beautiful summer break vacation. It was a lot of fun 🙂 Still wishing everybody Happy Summer Holidays!

Felini the cat jumps on top of beautiful sunset

Good Bye Sun – See You Tomorrow!

Felini doesn’t care too much for water, but the beach is ok! And now it’s nighttime = cat party time. ?

Here’s another fun jump with a different pose – which one do you like better?

Felini the cat jumps on top of beautiful sunset alternative

Sunset Cat Jump II

What’s your cat up to in the summer break? Does your cat ever jumped on a beach? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank You

Thanks for watching & reading, giggling and playing with me-ow! Felini the cat also posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Just by watching and sharing Felini’s clips and pictures, you support Panthera and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at


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