Felini the Kitty – Happy Easter


Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

Felini the kitty found an Easter egg! Happy Easter to all egg hunting cats and kids! ??? Do your cats love Easter too? When the whole family keeps crawling through the garden on their knees, all looking for that one missing egg or chocolate Easter bunny? ?

Felini Kitty With Big Easter Egg in Mouth on green Background
Felini prouldy presents: Easter Egg

Fount It!

It’s the egg Felini kitty chicken laid himsef ? remember? This is the Happy Easter video post from back then and here’s a little memory refresher gif:

Cat or Egg? What came first?


Making of Easter Felini

That’s a side view of Felini’s kitty head holding the precious pink egg. Look here for some behind the scenes images on the Easter Kitty video clip.

viewport side view of Felini Kitty With Big Easter Egg in Mouth

More Happy Easter Cats

Did you know? I’ve been hunting Easter eggs all my life and wasn’t even aware they are supposed to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, from which Jesus resurrected… A bit of a stretch nowadays with the cream and calory stuffed chocolate eggs ? More fun stuff from the web:

I’m not a big fan of dressing up cats – this kitty doesn’t seem too fond either… still kinda funny though. Let’s move on to some beautiful Easter cat illustration, shall we?

On this one at least it’s just our eyes who has to suffer from the photoshop mess, not the kitty itself ?

I just love Simon’s Cat. He’s the actual reason for creating Felini in the first place.

Kitty Cat Emoji Stickers

Felini’s happy Easter head is going to be part of a series of kitty head emoticons. I might send an email when they are available as stickers for your favorite messenger platform – make sure to sign up for Felini’s Loveletter ? to not miss the launch.

Here`s a funny cat t-shirt with the cheeky Felini sticking his tongue out, saying ‘Nobody Owns A Cat‘.

That’s it for today ? seeya!


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