Free Felini Kitty Stickers!


Cute & Funny Kitty Cat Stickers by Felini & for free 😽💕

Share your emotions with your friends and family kitty style! Get Felini’s free sticker packs and have fun. You can use the awesome free cat stickers on Whatsapp for Android or on Signal or Telegram (for now – hopefully more social channels will follow – check for kitty sticker updates here).
The sweet and super useful kitty emoji stickers can be used and shared for free. Enjoy!

Here`s a little walk through video on how to add the kitty emoticon packs to Whatsapp:

Best Cat Stickers for Whatsapp (Android)

If you are into cute kittens or funny cats, this is for you! Felini cat performs all essential emoticons to help you show and share your emotions with your friends and family. Also included in this new WhatsApp for Android sticker pack are special moments from Felini’s catventures showing our beloved feline as Baby Kitten, Ninja Cat, Zen Kitty or Astrocat.
The pack also includes useful seasonal stickers for Easter and Christmas.

Free Kitty Sticker Downloads

Felini Kitty cat stickers with smart phone on blue background
Yay – free cat stickers!

Choose your favorite messengers to download the cute cat stickers for. Well, you only have to download & install for whatsapp, signal and telegram can be activated just by following the link and confirming the packs. It’s all free, no catch, no ads. Enjoy!

Scroll down here to see if support for any new messengers have been added yet 😽🐱‍💻

Stick’ Em For Real

Why not stick your favorite kitty emojis on your fridge, laptop or toilet seat? 😹 Where do you want to spread feline happiness in your home? Need more inspiration? Check out those 50+ creative places to put your new Felini stickers. I am very curious where you put them – send some images if you like. 😻
Also let me know if you are missing one of the digitla stickers in real life!

Sticky Kitty Gif For Fun

For kitty & gif lovers, here’s a few emotions lined up 😸

How do you like Felini’s kitty head emoticons? Do you miss your favorite emoji? What is your favorite messenger app that you would love to see the cat stickers on? I might send an email when they are available for more messenger platforms – make sure to sign up for Felini’s Loveletter 😻 to not miss any updates.

Here`s a funny & super useful Travel Mug featuring lot’s of Felini’s emojis.

Felini’s Cat Emoji Update

Felini’s cat emoji stickers are here – yay! Grab the free cute animated kitty cat sticker pack for iOS iMessenger or get the free kitty sticker set for Whatsapp on Android, get Felinis free messenger emoticons for Telegram or klick here for free kitty goodness for Signal. Enjoy!

cat sticker preview for 4 different messengers
Felini Cat – Kitty Emojis – Cute and Funny Cat Emoticons

Make sure to subscribe to Felini’s Loveletters 😻 to not miss the launch of the stickers on your favorite messenger platform.

That’s it for today. Meow & see you next time!

Did you know?

 Felini the Kitty is on a heroic mission to help save the big cats – and even super cats need a little help sometimes.

Felini the Kitty in jungle with Tiger Fur looking back at us
Felini the Wild Jungle Tiger

How Can I Help?

Enjoy watching and share if you like. Get Free Felini stuff and spread the word or have a browse at our little kitty shop. 😺 Have fun and let me know what you think! What do you want to do next?

Felini Cat Head Kissing With 2 Hearts

Til & Felini
=^..^= ~


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