Felini =^..^= ~ Animal Friends


=^..^= ~ Can cats and dogs be animal friends? What do you think?

Felini wants to be friends with a dog

? I am sorry that I ate all your food, took your favorite sleeping spot, tore apart mommies shoes and successfully blamed you for it… Can we still be friends? ?

Another image version – work in progress with blue eyes:

Felini wants to be friends with a dog

Let me know what you think about this picture in the comments below. ?

Thank You

Thanks for watching & reading, giggling and playing with me-ow! Felini the cat also posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Just by watching and sharing Felini’s clips and pictures, you support Panthera and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at Felini.rocks/mission.


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