Happy New Year 2020!


Happy Meow Year and happy pushing stuff off tables in 2020!

2019? Meh… 2020 is where it’s going to happen! ?
Felini loves pushing stuff off the counter – now it’s 2019’s turn. Will it bounce?
Happy New Year 2020 to all cats and cat-lovers!

Happy New Year 2020, Felini the cat pushing 2019 off the table

Be gone 2019. Welcome 2020 ? ?

Does your cat love pushing items down from the table? The one’s I know certainly do! Check out this good explanation cat, Why do cats knock things over at PetMD ?

If you are more into the artistic inspiration this post is based on, check out this funny gif:


F*ck This Cat – Inspiring Gif

Over pretty quickly, huh? If you need a compilation to be convinced cats love to get rid of stuff on counters take a look:

Happy Meow Year 2020!

Happy Meow Year and happy exploring those glasses on the table fellow felines – you will surely get the attention of your mommy ?

In case you haven’t seen it yet – that was last year’s Happy New Year Clip. It could actually be called HAPPY NEW EARplugs! ? – let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank You

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