Poem: Ode to The Red Dot


Felini’s Cute Typing Cat Video

Writing loveletters to my favorite red dot ⌨️😸🔴

Roses are red
So is the dot
Laser pointer I like you
a lot!


I Hope you like this video – sending love to all cats, cat lovers and laser pointers 😸 Let me know your thoughts, comments, ideas – thanks! Let me also know what you think about those alternative poems I did come up with:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I say meow
And the cow goes like moo!

Roses are red
Who cares, I’m on a comfy lap
Get some gentle strokes
And take an afternoon nap.

Roses are red
Below average my mood
Not going to bed –
Give me tasty cat-food!

There were about 20 more, but I still think the best one made it in the video. What about you?

Every cute cat video needs to have a gif, doesn’t it? Here’s your typing cat gif with Felini:


Thank You

Thanks for watching & reading, giggling and playing with me-ow! Felini the cat also posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Just by watching and sharing Felini’s clips and pictures, you support Panthera and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at Felini.rocks/mission.


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