Happy Easter


Happy Easter to all cats, bunnies and peoples out there! ? Feel free to share those funny cat Easter greetings.

Funny Youtube Easter Video

A hip and a hop
A meow and a plop
An egg I did lay
To brighten up your day

Easter Egg Gif

Here’s Felini’s funny cat Easter greetings as a gif if you prefer:


Felini Easter Greetings Making Of

Here’s another animation viewport screenshot for the geek in us ?

animation screenshot of Felini the cat trying to lay an egg for funny cat easter greetings.

Furthermore I have a few pictures used when choosing a color LUT for you:

funny cat easter greetings LUT previews
LUT color preview of Felini cat animation - for funny cat easter greetings. Happy Easter!

Thank You

Thanks for watching & reading, giggling and playing with me-ow! Felini the cat also posts pics/clips on Youtube, Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram. Just by watching and sharing Felini’s clips and pictures, you support Panthera and Giving What We Can. Get to know more about those charities and Felini’s mission at Felini.rocks/mission.


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