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Huffy ? Fluffy

Felini cat checks out over the balcony – but why? Please don’t go … nooo! Don’t worry, our beloved huffy fluffy kitty is doing all right – landed ninja cat-like on all fours. As most kitty cats, he’s just a fussy eater sometimes ? How would your kitty react being served the wrong cat food? Balcony jump?

Felini in Huffy Fluffy – Wrong Cat Food & Balcony Jump Funny Short

Felini in Huffy Fluffy – Wrong Cat Food & Balcony Jump Funny Video

Fluffy Inspiration

Do you remember this viral funny cat video of a kitty cat jumping off the balcony? If it wasn’t for the obvious failed attempt to jump over to the next house, it would make you ask: “Why are you so upset poor little kitty to attempt suicide”? That got me thinking – what would upset Felini, well any cat for that matter as much as to trigger suicidal tendencies… probably nothing! ? Still, most cats are quite picky when it comes to food and just ignore the cheap (or even sometimes the most expensive) brands.
If you are a serious cat lover and owner, here’s some tips on what’s actually bad food for your kitty.

Huffy Cat Emotions

So what would your fluffy friend actually do when faced with an ‘uneadable’ treat? Probably throw you a huffy face or at least raise and eyebrow ?

Felini cat head sticker looking suspiciously, equivalent to the raised eye brow emoji

You want to sell me this stinky, disgusting mash as cat food? Some cats are drama queens and might erupt directly into a ?

Felini the Kitty Emoji making a Loudly Crying Face with waterfalls of tears

Huffy Fluffy Shirt?

Want to take your kitty huffiness to the next level? Wear it on a t-shirt! Put it up on your wall or dress your phone ?

Felini's suspicious look and the word Srsly = Seriously on T-shirts and other products

Making Of Huffy Fluffy

Heres an animation progression reel, with behind the scenes videos and emotions. I was still considering other names at that time just playing with those words: fussy, iffy, picky, finnicky, choosy but ended up going for Huffy Fluffy. Huffy Fluffy sounds funny to my ear and Felini’s surname is Turbofluff after all. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy – thinking about posting more “making of’s” soon.

Felini’s Huffy Fluffy Making Of

Intermission: Fussy Cats From Around The Web

Where is my favorite food? Pissed kitties tell you want they want 🙂


More Huffy ‘Wrong Cat Food’ Emojis

A set of 3 Felini Emojis with a smirk, a sceptic and an annoyed expression
Smirk, Screptical & Annoyed!

Get the free sticker pack with tons of kitty cat emotions to send your friends! See below for updates, on what social platform the stickers are available. So far we did have cat emoticon blog posts on the Raised Brow, Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Kiss, Tongue Out Tuesday, Colors of India, Ireland, Spring Flowers and an Easter Egg!

Felini on Signal and Telegram

Want to see & use more kitty emoticons? Grab your free Stickers for Signal here:

Or use Felini’s kitty sticker pack on Telegram:

Whatsapp on Android coming soon – stay tuned!

Current Status of the Felini Cat Emoji Sticker Project

Felini’s Cat Emoji Update

Felini’s cat emoji stickers are here – yay! Grab the free cute animated kitty cat sticker pack for iOS iMessenger or get the free kitty sticker set for Whatsapp on Android, get Felinis free messenger emoticons for Telegram or klick here for free kitty goodness for Signal. Enjoy!

cat sticker preview for 4 different messengers
Felini Cat – Kitty Emojis – Cute and Funny Cat Emoticons

Make sure to subscribe to Felini’s Loveletters 😻 to not miss the launch of the stickers on your favorite messenger platform.

That was Felini in Huffy Fluffy – Wrong Cat Food & Balcony Jump ? Is your cat a fussy eater? Let me know in the comments below! Meow & see you next time ?

Did you know?

 Felini the Kitty is on a heroic mission to help save the big cats – and even super cats need a little help sometimes.

Felini the Kitty in jungle with Tiger Fur looking back at us
Felini the Wild Jungle Tiger

How Can I Help?

Enjoy watching and share if you like. Get Free Felini stuff and spread the word or have a browse at our little kitty shop. 😺 Have fun and let me know what you think! What do you want to do next?

Felini Cat Head Kissing With 2 Hearts

Til & Felini
=^..^= ~


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