Giggle & Give

With Giggle & Give I (Tilmann Vogt) want to

have you giggle or go “awww”
make a living/support my family
leave this world a better place

Whatever comes in through ads on youtube, your support on Patreon or sales on Zazzle, 20% will be donated to the charities below.

The animated cat “Felini” is the first series I am working on. In the future I hope to expand to more shows, where every show gives 10% to a related cause (while I keep feeding an additional 10% to Giving What We Can). You can think of Giggle-n-Give.org as kind of an entertainment charity. Eventually the percentage of funds donated to charitable causes is meant to go up further – so every dollar not spent on paying artists to create beautiful, cute and funny videos should be passed on.

So click and share away on youtube and consider becoming a Patreon to ramp up those donations and make this world a better place.
Thank you! 🙂

Giving 20%

Felini Cares

10% Panthera

10% Giving What We Can


Felini – even though intimidated by their size sometimes – cares a lot about his big relatives. One of the biggest problem for big cats is habitat loss. A charity called Panthera does a lot for their conservation, including protection and creation of nature habitats which will also help other species – including humans (in the long run mankind and their pets can’t survive without fauna, flora, clean air and water).
That’s why it is one of Felini’s favorite charities! You can donate directly at Panthera.org, but just watching Felini clips already helps: 10% of money generated through ads or merch sales will be donated to Panthera.

Giving What We Can

Felini also likes humans – cause they are the ones that can open tuna cans. And actually there are a lot of people who can’t feed themselves, let alone feeding a pet. Giving What We Can is a great charity who figured out the most effective ways to give to those in need. Even small amounts can make a big difference. Why not refrain from that candy bar (that is going to make you fat anyway) and save a person from a deadly illness – some cures literally just cost a few cents. You can donate directly at Givingwhatwecan.org, but just watching Felini clips already helps: 10% of money generated through ads or merch sales will be donated to Giving What We Can (they are spreading the donations among the most effective charities).


Entertainment & charity sometimes becomes “charitainment”, a term which is also used to refer to celebrities engaging in charitable work. Hopefully Felini the cat will gain celebrity status at some point, making this use of the term also applicable 😉

As the portfolio expands in the future, there are some personal favorites in terms of organizations to support. I keep looking at organizations like Effective Altruism to see where the biggest positive impact can be made helping those in need. Also, we can look at the most urgent global problems to decide where to help, as suggested on 80000 Hours.