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Cat with Sunglasses

Felini’s Cool Cat Shades

Cat sunglasses are pretty rare … Felini found some nice and fitting ones. Dressing up as a cool cat (he of course always is), wishing you an awesome summer break. Happy Summer Holidays!

Felini the Cat wearing Sunglasses on the beach

Keep Cool Kitty!

Felini doesn’t care too much for water, but the beach is ok! Eyes protected he can enjoy the warm summer sun on his fur. ?

This original design had him enjoy his time off at a mountain lake… hehe, almost like the reflection in his glasses better on this one. What do you think?

Felini at a mountain lake wearing cool sunglasses

One More Cat with Shades

What’s your cat up to in the summer break? Does your cat ever wear sunglasses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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If you feel inspired send a few bucks for a coffee (I’m addicted) that would mean a lot to me. And if it’s a few bucks more it actually helps keeping the show running and getting out those episodes faster. Thank you so much 😻


Because creating those Felini videos means tons of work, every help is very much appreciated. Big thanks and hugs go to Peter Colebatch for the initial modeling & grooming of Felini cat. And Oyvind Nostdal for character rigging. Lot’s of pictures of Felini have public domain photos in the background, found on e.g. Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, uploaded by unbelievably generous and talented photographers. I also used sound fx from freesound.org and footage from Mitch Martinez. Thank you all so much!!!

The rest is done by me, Til (animator & daddy of 3 awesome girls). I hope you enjoy Felini as much as I do and that he makes you feel joyful and motivated. Furthermore I wish for Felini to one day be able to contribute substantially to making this world a better place…

Felini Cat - Hugs and Kisses

Til & Felini
=^..^= ~

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